What’s in the pipeline?

What’s in the pipeline?

New stock has arrived!

Monday 15th has seen the arrival of our first stock. We have:

YMZ284’s, YM2149’s and YM2151’s up for grabs. They’re released on the Shop page, limited stock. Combine postage for a better deal.

Dispatched on Friday 26th April. Thanks for your patience.


Coming soon

Next stock due very soon will be the classic waveform generator IC clone of ICL8038. These can deliver square, triangle and sine waves from milliHertz to kiloHertz depending on the circuit design. Also due soon are the “Cloneduino” PCBs - UNO, Pro-mini and nano, great for experimenting cheaply!


Longer term plans

We are underway designing some shields and breakout PCBs for the ‘YM’ chip series. These will have either direct connections to Arduino or an ATmega 328 with bootloader and USB UART connection.

Also an ICL8038 with CV input is under development.

Any ideas or requests please DM us, we are always open to new ideas!