Yamaha YM2151

Yamaha YM2151

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The Yamaha YM2151, also known as OPM (FM Operator Type-M) is an eight-channel, four-operator sound IC. It utilises FM synthesis in its implementation. Originally made for the Yamaha DX series keyboardds (DX21, DX27, and DX100). Also used in low end budget keyboards.

The YM2151 was used in many arcade systems starting with Atari's Marble Madness in 1984, Sega arcade system boards from 1985, and then arcade games from Konami, Capcom, Data East, and Namco, as well as Williams pinball tables, with its heaviest use in the mid-to-late 1980s. It was also used in Sharp's X1 and X68000 home computers.

Hook it up to an Arduino to relive the glorious 80’s and rinse some new sounds, there are some great GitHub links even control it from a Java app!

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24pin DIL - datasheet

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